Garage Sale Trail 2016 Registrations Now Open!

Hawkesbury households, community groups, schools, charities and local businesses – join hundreds of thousands of Australians across the country on Saturday, 22 October and take part in the Garage Sale Trail.

Imagination is your only limit on how you can host a garage sale.

For the fourth year in a row, Hawkesbury City Council is proud to be supporting the movement that allows over 10,000 garage sales across the country to be on one day. It is now one of the largest community and sustainability events in Australia, and better yet, registration is free.

While the Garage Sale Trail generates local economic activity, it also provides residents with a fun day of buying, selling and connecting with local people, and encourages a novel way for residents to reduce waste and turn their trash into someone else’s treasure.

It is now time to register to be a part of the 2016 Garage Sale Trail at If you are one of the first 2500 sales registered before Friday, 25 September, you will receive a FREE Seller Pack,

inside being printed posters, flyers and information to help you spread the word about your sale.

Hosts can be as creative as they like to encourage buyers to attend their sales. Last year, there were almost 50 individual household sales, and a few group sales, where neighbours and community groups got together for one big sale. Many identified that it was the perfect opportunity for a ‘spring clean out’ and there was a feel good factor as items were being reused which otherwise might have ended up in landfill.

If selling is not your thing, you can still participate by visiting the many garage sales that will be held on Saturday, 22 October throughout the Hawkesbury.

The Garage Sale Trail is supported by over 150 councils nationally and is expecting up to 13,000 garage sales across the country with over 3 million items for sale. Last year saw 350,000 participants get involved with almost 3 million items listed for sale at over 13,000 garage sales across the country. On the day, the average household sale made $300, while group sales made $650. A massive 75% of participants said that taking part in the event changed their perception of waste and what they could reuse.

For further information about the Garage Sale Trail, to register a sale or find sales in your area, visit

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