The Norwest mentoring program is helping foster a culture of collaboration, innovation and lifelong career learning at Norwest.

The program aims to match young graduates, employees, and entrepreneurs with more experienced professionals to meet regularly and discuss their career development and business ideas.

Mentor Nigel Rayner is a Senior Associate at 360HR Norwest with a Master of Business Administration and Bachelor of Civil Engineering. Nigel is also Chairman of Sydney Hills Business Chamber. He is passionate about improving businesses by helping them understand and address their operational, human resources, and people management challenges. His mentee, 23-year old Tom Hall, is a recent graduate from the University of Canberra with a degree in exercise, physiology and rehabilitation.

Tom grew up in the Hills District and has started his own exercise/physiology business working out of an existing physiotherapy business on Lexington Drive in Norwest. He wanted to get a more experienced perspective as he seeks to develop his business and professional relationships. The two have been meeting every fortnight and plan to continue in 2020.

“As I’ve been establishing my business Nigel has given me some invaluable advice. I’m a one-person operation and it’s great having someone to share ideas and challenges with, especially someone who’s built their own successful consulting business, and is so active in the business community at Norwest.” said Tom.

For Nigel, meeting regularly with Tom has been a valuable experience. It’s been a real privilege to help a young person starting out in their career. I’ve really enjoyed the experience and gained some great insights into the thinking of a younger generation, the way they can adapt so readily to new technology and different ways of doing things,” said Nigel. “I’d encourage more young people and experienced professionals to get involved in the program as I’m sure they’ll both find it rewarding.”

Mulpha Developments Executive General Manager, Tim Spencer, said: “The mentoring program is designed to tap into Norwest’s most valuable resource, the quality of our people and the knowledge, expertise and entrepreneurial spirit that is so abundant in the Norwest business community.

“We want Norwest to be known for the quality of the people that work here because of a culture that helps develop people develop their potential whatever their stage of career, where they are willing to try things and pursue their dreams.

“Fostering lifelong learning is the key to driving business innovation and creating the vibrant entrepreneurial economy of the future.”

Registrations of interest from potential mentors and mentees to join the 2020 Norwest Mentoring Program are now open until December 17. Contact Maleea Finnemore on 0448 471 603 or email [email protected].

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