Lola’s Lockdown Adventures

By Bev Jordan
Little Lola Boyd is enjoying some great lockdown adventures on her driveway thanks to her mother’s creativity with children’s chalk and her dad’s expertise with holding ladders.

The 6-year-old stars in her own chalk adventures which her mum Karina creates, photographs and then uploads onto Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag


“We have done them every day for about two weeks,” said Karina.

“It was something fun to do during lockdown because She was missing school.

“It started with a bunch of balloons and it went from there.”

Often it’s Lola who chooses her adventure which she shares with her special bear.

Karina says it takes about an hour to do the pavement art on the family’s driveway and then “two seconds” to take the photo with her husband, Stephen, holding the ladder.

The driveway is then washed down, “ready for the next adventure”.

The images are done on non-rainy days and in-between “home-schooling” She and her three older brothers, Koby, 13, Lachlan 11 and nine-year-old Mason.

She has food protein-induced Enterocolitis Syndrome (FPIES), a rare disorder in which food affects the gastrointestinal system.

She also has brittle bones.

“She has been on a bit of a journey,” says her mum.

She was tube-fed for 18 months and is now able to eat 15 foods that don’t make her sick including wheat and eggs.

There have been multiple visits to Westmead Children’s Hospital.

Visits through Lockdown have been via Telehealth phone calls.

The driveway masterpieces have not only made the family’s day but the neighbours love them and so do family and friends who have been enjoying a gallery of her adventures via social media… “Be strong” was a social media favourite.

She says she has loved all of her chalk adventures which have involved butterflies, the beach, picking apples, reading on the moon, toadstools, parachuting, ballooning and so much more.

“Every time I do one I say, this is my favourite,”  laughs Karina.


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