Fully equipped with a foosball table and their ‘Executive Director of Treats’ – a chihuahua named Coco, enter the Rhino Social office. A young, fun team of 20-something year old social media marketers supporting Hills businesses.

Rhino Social, recently named a finalist in the ‘Outstanding New Business’ category of the Local Business Awards, have been building quite the name for themselves throughout Hills business circles. Based in the Nirimba Education Precinct in Quakers Hill, the team has been assisting businesses to grow online for nearly 2 years now.

One such business, a leading home builder in Castle Hill who specialise in large scale renovations, have doubled their amount of leads – and that’s before ScoMo’s Reno Rebate. They say their secret weapon has come from the Rhino Social team helping them leverage social media.

Rhino Social H2H June 19 Meet The Trio That Means Business“We have been working with Rhino Social from Quakers Hill for a little while now, and identifying together what our customers want in terms of content has been vital.” Said Megan.

Megan says that being involved closely with your agency partner and choosing a marketing team is key. “We work quite closely with the team from Rhino Social, and being local they really understand our customers and the local market. We’ve had experiences with companies using Facebook or with an I.T background, but that is only a small portion of the job – the marketing behind it, and tailoring your message to your audience is what gets the results.”

However, 2020 has of course thrown up it’s own challenges, with some businesses having to move completely online. Speaking about the challenges, Chris, Rhino Social’s Head of Growth and Strategy, says that people are spending more time online than ever before.

“What we saw throughout COVID-19 was that people were spending a significant amount more time online – through both isolation boredom, and work necessity” said Chris.

“It is definitely difficult seeing the devastation that this has caused for businesses in the Hills, so to have helped our clients not just survive, but grow through this time is a testament to the amazing team we have here.” He continued.

Something worth noting is that Rhino Social provide exclusivity to their clients – they only support 1 client per industry. This is to ensure that none of your competitors are getting in front of the same people and diluting your results. Great for their clients, but is it limiting for Rhino? Not at all.

With 3 new clients already this week, the Rhino Social team are expanding fast, with a move to a bigger office currently in the works to support their growing team, new clients, and of course substantially more room for their Executive Director of Treats.

So if you’re looking to grow your business, be quick to contact the team and leave the waitlist spots for your competitors! You can reach Rhino Social at: [email protected] OR (02) 9853 3222

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