Lindsay’s Love of Music

As a seven-year-old, Lindsay Wanstall’s heart was set on learning the piano, but at the time,the parents couldn’t afford one.

After her grandmother’s death, the family took a beach holiday in Narooma and in the hotel where they were staying was a piano and a girl called Annette, Lindsays’ age, who could play it.

Lindsay Wanstall Bella Vista Farm Lindsay’s Love Of MusicLindsay wasn’t interested in going to the beach, she was only interested in playing the piano with Annette. They are still good friends.

Realising Lindsay’s passion to learn and her natural talent, her parents purchased a piano with her grandmother’s money.

At school, Lindsay excelled in languages and music, accompanying the school choir and playing in assembly. After completing her HSC, she attended the Conservatorium of Music for four years, and graduated with a Bachelor of Music (Education).

As part of the curriculum, in her first year at the Con, students had to learn to play from each family of instruments. Lindsay was attracted to the clarinet which is now her preferred choice of instrument.

In 1975, she began teaching at a high school. She loved the pupils and enjoyed encouraging students to learn music, which they took up enthusiastically. A school band was formed, rehearsing in recess and lunchtime, which won the City of Sydney Eisteddfod.

She also organised the school to stage musical Oklahoma. Everyone helped – students, parents and teachers – selling tickets, working backstage and performing onstage.

Lindsay married in 1979 and by 1983 had two children. Desiring to be home in the children’s early life, She taught privately and is still in touch with a group of her students, some of whom have started their own bands.

Both her children are very musical and they used to busk at Christmas for pocket money. Apart from music, She has a love of animals and always dreamt of owning a horse. This dream was realised when her parents bought a small farm in Duckmaloi in 1964 and on the adjoining property was a young stallion. Within four years when he was broken in, he was Lindsay’s.

The horse was part of her life for 32 years. It was a sad day when he died. “We had such a bond. He was a true friend,” she says.

She now has two rescue cats, named after characters from her favourite book “To Kill a Mockingbird”.

Although Lindsay is officially retired, one of her joys is performing as Principal Clarinet with the Hills Shire Symphony Orchestra and playing at Bella Vista Farm Open Day, the first Sunday of every month.

Lindsay loves its historic atmosphere and appreciative audiences which she has missed during the lockdown.

LindsayBella Vista Farm will be open again on Sunday, December 5th from 9am to 2pm. There will be a lot to do and see. You can also buy a book on the Farm for $20. There is ample parking and all COVIDSafe protocols will be followed. Bella Vista Farm is on the Corner of Norwest Boulevard and Elizabeth Macarthur Drive Bella Vista. Further details are on the Hills Shire website: