If you are looking for an entertaining night out in this chill weather then you don’t have to go far.

There are laughs aplenty at the Pavilion Theatre with the Castle Hill Players’ latest production, Leading Ladies.

Leo (played by Peter Gizariotis ) and Jack (Ben Freeman) are two struggling English actors who are reduced to performing Shakespeare in front of unappreciative crowds across America in the 1960s.

They are booed out of a Moose Hall in Pennsylvania and are on a train when Leo reads about a dying old lady who wants to meet her sister’s children Max and Steve who live in England.

It’s too good an opportunity to miss until they discover that the names are short for Maxine and Stephanie and they are Florence Snider’s nieces.

The ongoing mayhem is delivered perfectly by a talented cast who are obviously having a very good time.

Ken Ludwig’s play has all the right ingredients for high farce and director Stephen Snars makes the most of cast and script to serve up an absolute treat.

Nicole Harwood is perfect as the spirited brideto- be, Meg and Turkan Koch, who learned to roller skate for the role, is wonderful as Audrey. Her first on stage role is unlikely to be her last. It’s a strong cast but Jennifer Leslie, as ageing aunt Florence, is memorable as she totters from scene to scene. Congratulations to Peter Gizariotis and Ben Freeman for strutting their stuff so well and in gorgeous gowns. Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon who played Josephine and Daphne in the classic Some Like it Hot movie would have been impressed.

The set design is excellent too, moving with style from a Moose Hall, to a train and then a mansion. Leading Ladies is on until June 22. For ticket information visit paviliontheatre.org.au

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