It’s Jersey Day today and the team at the Hills to Hawkesbury News are keen supporters of the need to get everyone talking about organ donation.

Jersey Day was founded by the Gremmo family in 2015 after 13-yearold Nathan Gremmo was fatally injured in a road accident in Glenhaven.

Nathan had spoken to his family about organ donation months before his accident. As a result of his wishes five adults an d a baby were given the gift of life. The Gremmo family hope Jersey Day will encourage others to have a discussion about organ donation.

Around 1400 Australian are currently on a waiting list for a transplant and on average must wait between six months and four years. A further 11,000 Australians are on dialysis yet, only 1 in 3 Australians are registered donors.

To find out more about organ donation or to register your wishes visit As a team we have had that discussion with our families and we have registered as organ donors. For more information about Jersey Day visit

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