International Delight

The International Delight renowned Sydney Balalaika Orchestra is holding two local concerts this month, the first in Richmond and the second in Galston

Founded in the 1960s it has been headed by Victor Serge for many years.

Victor, who conducts and plays the domra (xx) is one of the few members with a Russian background in the 28-strong orchestra domras, accordions and bass-balalaikas. Members come from Belarus, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, China and the Ukranine.

“We have a very friendly band,” he said. The age range is from 17 to 85. He said the majority of people who come to their shows are not Russian speaking. “Russian music can touch anyone’s heart.” The group has completed eight international tours visiting Russia, China, New Zealand and Korea. ‘Music brings joy to everyone, it doesn’t matter who you are or what you are.”

The Sydney Balalaika Orchestra will be playing on Sunday, May 23 at Galston Uniting Church at 2pm. It will be the orchestra’s first live performance since the start of Covid restrictions.

For details call Robert Harris 0428 248 348. The second concert is at Panthers, 33 Beaumont Ave, North Richmond on May 30 at 2pm. Tickets are $30 and available online or at the door. For details call Brian Fallon on 02 4024 4033 or visit the website


International Delight

International Delight,International Delight

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