Hills Shire Library Services reimagined online

Mayor of The Hills Shire, Councillor Yvonne Keane launched a new library system on Wednesday 5 April that will give customers unprecedented access to library facilities online.

The state-of-the-art online borrowing system, called Spydus, combines all of the Library’s digital services into one convenient place.

Library members will be able to use the new website on any computer, whether it’s in one of Council’s libraries or on their own computer at home or at work, as well as on their mobile phone or tablet.

Mayor Keane said Spydus is a one-stop shop that allows residents and patrons of The Hills Shire Library Service to access all of the digital services in one convenient place.

“The new system has increased functionality such as the ability to request items across our four library branches along with the integration of eResources, making it even easier to borrow digital items such as eBooks, audio books and popular magazines,” Mayor Keane said.

“I’m proud of the many improvements we have already made across our four branches. All of these improvements represent a great leap forward in terms of the services we now provide in our community.”

Some of Spydus’ new features include:

  • Searching the library catalogue online
  • Reserving books or other resources and receiving an email alert when it is ready to collect
  • Ability to read eBooks, eMagazines, listen to an audio book or conduct research for school assignments
  • Rate books
  • Parents can link their child’s library account to their own for easier management

Mayor Keane said the upgrade was made possible thanks to the State Library of NSW Infrastructure Grant.

She also acknowledged the contribution of the NSW State Government and Library Council of NSW in supporting the project.

“Our library staff should be congratulated on submitting an outstanding submission which has resulted in Council receiving a $75,000 grant. We also matched the funding to allow this new system to reach its full potential and provide our residents with a stellar service,” Mayor Keane said.

“Our libraries are one of the most valuable community assets we have.

“They create a connected and inclusive environment, and I congratulate everyone who has worked so hard to achieve this excellent result,” Mayor Keane added.