Hills Metro Arrests

A 72-year-old man charged for assaulting police after being found not wearing a face mask while travelling on the Metro has faced court and been given $1500 worth of fines and a community service order.

Officers from The Hills Police Area Command were conducting routine patrols at Castle Hill Metro Station, about 9.30pm on Tuesday, January 19 when they stopped and spoke to a man who was not wearing a mask.

He allegedly became aggressive and argumentative towards the two female officers, claiming it was a violation of human rights not to wear a mask.

The man, who did not have an exemption, allegedly continued to act aggressively when asked for identification and punched one of the officers several times.

He was fined $500 for intimidating a police officer in the execution of their duty without actual bodily harm and given a 12 month community correction order dated from January 21, 2021. He was also fined $500 and given a community corrections order for assaulting an officer in the execution of their duty. A $500 fine for not wearing a facemask when in a public transport waiting area was also imposed.

Police made 14 arrests as part of a proactive operation on the Metro Train System between Rouse Hill and Castle Hill over eight nights from Wednesday January 6 until Saturday January 16.

Officers attached to the Police Transport Command – North West Sector – and The Hills Police Area Command conducted Operation Disrupt, a high-visibility, proactive operation targeting knife crime, violent offenders and anti-social behaviour on the public transport network.

Officers patrolled 83 trains, conducted 7 vehicle searches, 15 bail compliance checks and issued 28 move-on directions.

The 14 arrests made by officers were for a range of offences including weapons and drug offences, goods in custody and breach of bail.

Notable arrests included:
• A 16-year-old for possessing a gel blaster pistol (firearm) and ammunition
• A 26-year-old for possessing an extendable baton
• A 30-year-old for possessing knuckle dusters

The Police Transport Command will continue to utilise available intelligence to target and disrupt crime on the public transport network and further operations can be expected.


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