Hills Fire Pump Specialists

The recent rains have again encouraged new growth. Hills residents need to act now to prepare their properties for bushfires. The team at Hills Irrigation can provide advice and organise installation of fire pumps and irrigation equipment. They have the best package deals with the best price on pumps and hose kits.

Located at Castle Hill for over, 20 years, their friendly staff provide top quality products and service. It’s worth the drive from Maroota, Glenorie or Dural to Hills Irrigation. Get your hands on the world’s leading fire pump, the Aussie Fire Chief, to protect your property this season.

• Best performance
• Best value
• 5 year warranty

Supplied by Australian Pump Industries, Australia’s leading manufacturer of engine drive fire pumps and water movers, the pump gives a combination of quality, performance and value for money.

“There’s plenty of cheap third world product out there on the market. However, when you consider performance and longevity, Aussie’s fire pumps are a better investment than any other brand. They simply last longer, deliver more water for less fuel and have a lower retail price. On a cost to benefit value, they leave everything else for dead”, said Managing Director, Vince Barbatano.

Hills Irrigation also provide free Bushfire Survival Guides for homeowners who want to protect their property.