A three year project to rehabilitate endangered blue gum high forest, home to the rare powerful owl, at Castle Hill has been given a $81,000 boost.

The NSW Environmental Trust has awarded The Hills Shire Council the grant for the rehabilitation of 2.8 hectares of Blue Gum High Forest within Castle Hill Heritage Park.

The removal of approximately 0.6 hectares of woody weeds from along the creek is currently being carried out by bush regeneration contractors as part of the project, which will then be followed by two years of bush regeneration.

The three-year project will also involve pest control, wildlife and heritage walks for the community and education about the Blue Gum High Forest, which is home to a range of plants and wildlife including the rare Powerful Owl.

Blue Gum High Forest is a critically endangered ecological community with less than five per cent of the forest left across Sydney. Patches of the forest that remain are often impacted by weeds, pests, inappropriate fire regime and rubbish dumping.

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