According to Gidget Foundation Australia, almost 100,000 expectant and new Australian parents are affected by perinatal depression and anxiety each year.

A national campaign to help those parents was launched by local pharmacy Blooms The Chemist Windsor Riverview on Friday (November 6) with a fundraiser to celebrate the new partnership with the support organisation.

Theresa Nguyen, Pharmacist and Partner at Windsor said: “As a Pharmacist, I had met a lot of new parents who had experienced perinatal depression and anxiety. But when I became a mum for the first time, I realised how little I had really understood about the pressures and the anxiety that come with new parenthood.

“Perinatal depression and anxiety has a personal relevance for me. My own mother struggled with her experiences of pregnancy and parenthood with my elder sister. She then had an extremely difficult pregnancy with me, and the birth was particularly traumatic. She went through that in a new country where she spoke English as a second language and didn’t really have a support network and it was a real struggle for her.”

She is encouraging people to reach out to their local healthcare experts and access support services such as those available through Gidget Foundation Australia so they can receive the potentially life-saving treatment they need.

“We have resources from Gidget Foundation Australia available in our Perinatal Resource Hub in-store and team members undergoing mental health first aid training to provide additional support for those in need. I firmly believe that it takes a village; not just to raise a child but to provide support for mums and new parents,” she said.

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