Greyhound Adoption Day

Greyhounds as Pets (GAP) has partnered with Kellyville Pets to hold a Greyhound Adoption Day at the store on Saturday, May 29 from 9am to 2pm.

GAP, a not-for-profit organisation that rehomes retired race dogs, will be bringing 30 greyhounds to the store to find them a forever home.

The Averillo family adopted Herbert at last year’s Kellyville Pets and GAP adoption day in November and couldn’t imagine life without their greyhound.

Adoption Day
Herbert with the averillo family from kellyville

Deanna Averillo (pictured with daughters Aria and Harper together with Herbert) said: “We are so thrilled we adopted Herbert as he fits into our family lifestyle so easily and he has the most placid nature.

“He has bought so much joy to our family”. Dr Alicia Fuller, General Manager at GAP said: “We’ve had a successful partnership with Kellyville Pets for many years now. We are both strong advocates of animal welfare and responsible pet ownership and these adoption days are about finding greyhounds their forever homes, and families their forever pet.

“A greyhound will make a fantastic addition to any family. This breed is well behaved and brings nothing but love. Our adoption days give the public the chance to see for themselves the placid nature of the dogs, and of course to have a pat and a snuggle.

“We rehome our Greyhounds via a 6-step program that matches pet owners with a greyhound suitable to their lifestyle and personality so everyone gets a perfect match.” she said.

John Grima, owner and managing director of Kellyville Pets believes greyhounds are dogs well suited as pets to the Hills area.

Adoption Day
Three-year-old fetch is waiting for his forever home

“Hosting a Greyhound Adoption Day in the Hills area is ideal. Greyhounds are actually great apartment dogs because of their calm temperament, and they don’t require a lot of space to live.

“Like all dogs they just love a daily walk. This makes them the perfect pet for the hills area as there are a lot of people living in apartments or in homes that aren’t on large blocks.

“We believe no animals should be left in shelters and we are committed to finding the most suitable home for all animals, both young and old.”

For those interested in adopting a greyhound register at and get a sneak peek at the Adoption Day Dog-a-logue which features the profile of the greyhounds that will be at the event, or send your name, email address and phone number to [email protected]. For further information on the adoption day visit or


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