Great Results at Hawkesbury’s e-waste recycling event

Hawkesbury residents are to be congratulated for saving almost 35 tonnes of e-waste at the free collection event at Hawkesbury Showground in May. This is more than 10 tonnes collected at the previous year’s event. Thank you to residents for an outstanding effort to help reduce the local landfill at South Windsor.

Almost 600 cars turned up to recycle every day household items such as televisions, computers, DVD players, projectors, cables and many other items that people struggle to dispose of in an environmentally responsible matter.

The event was run as part of the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme, which aims to lift television and computer recycling from its current low rate to 80% by 2021. Council is pleased to report that a large amount of the waste dropped off was televisions and computers.

It is very important that we aim to prolong our landfill at Hawkesbury City Waste Management Facility. Until the next e-waste recycling event, residents can find suitable locations to dispose of their e-waste on Council’s A-Z of waste online at