Volunteers Needed For Graffiti Removal Day

Hawkesbury City Council is encouraging the community to volunteer their time on Graffiti Removal Day on Sunday, March 28, saying graffiti vandalism has cost them $220,000 for the past five years.

The council said graffiti vandalism costs the NSW Government and residents more than $300 million annually. Since Graffiti Removal Day was established in 2012, volunteers have removed 141,000 sq m of graffiti, saving about $10.4 million in cleaning costs.

The council said one of the best ways to prevent graffiti is to create murals over regularly vandalised sites. The Rotary Club of Windsor is raising funds for a mural on the water tank on The Terrace in Windsor, with Sydney Water’s permission.

Rotary will use some funding provided through Graffiti Removal Day to assist with the mural costs.

Graffiti Removal Day organisers are running a competition to find the best mural in NSW with a $1,000 first prize. Entry is open to any community group, individual or council.

To find out more, contact Barry Antees from the Graffiti Removal Day support team on 1300 665 310 or email [email protected]

Hawkesbury Council has a regular inspection schedule for graffiti and has contractors on call to remove graffiti. Community reports can call 4560 4444 or report it at www.hawkesbury.nsw.gov.au/online-services

Graffiti Removal Day is sponsored by the NSW Government, Rotary, Dulux and Southern Cleaning Supplies, with material and equipment supplied free. graffitiremovalday.org.au or call 1300 665 310.