Fire Danger warning … Be Prepared

RFS Commissioner, Rob Rogers is warning that we are heading towards what could potentially be a very active 21/22 bushfire season. Fire Danger 

After a quiet fire season last summer and with steady rain falling over autumn and winter, increased grass and crop growth across NSW will bring fresh challenges for firefighters and communities.

One local company, Aussie Pumps, is working hard to build more pumps to cope with the anticipated demand this year. “We’ve bought every Honda and Yanmar diesel engine we could get our hands-on and are turning them into top-quality fire pumps using the Aussie Fire Chief as the base,” said Aussie Pumps’ Brad Farrugia.

Fire Danger
Make sure you are equipped with a quality pump like the aussie fire chief to defend your property! Visit your local aussie pumps dealer, including hills irrigation.

Brad warns that buying a pump from a third world country can not only be a disappointment but could put your property, livestock and maybe even your lives at risk. “Check before you buy, is it a reputable brand? Is it from a first world source? Does it carry a respectable warranty like Aussie Pumps’ unique five years?” he said. Fire Danger

Further info including free copies of Aussie’s Bushfire Survival Guides is available from authorised Aussie Pump outlets or your local Firie Depot. Fire Danger

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