Patricia Fathers is able to feel safe and remain in her own home thanks to a portable alarm she received from The Hills Shire Council’s Hills Community Care (HCC) service.

The Hills resident is one of 100 HCC clients to receive a free portable alarm which sends an alert to family members or other emergency contacts with just a simple push of the device’s button.

Patricia Fathers said she “felt safer” while wearing the portable alarm.

“I feel there is somebody there at the other end should I need help,” she said.

“If I were to stumble or fall – there’s somebody there.

“I’m not alone and feel secure,” she added.

Hills Shire Mayor, Dr Michelle Byrne said she is happy Council’s HCC service is helping eligible customers to access personal monitoring technology, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This personal alarm allows the individual to seek help, even when they are in a situation where they can’t access their phone,” she said.

“It provides the client and their families with an added sense of security and that peace of mind. And with many of our residents opting to remain in self isolation to protect themselves from the threat of COVID-19, this device becomes increasingly important. Especially, when it becomes harder to reach out to a family member who could also be self-isolating.

“Even though the rates of COVID-19 are declining in our community, this pandemic is far from over. Council is assessing its HCC clients to see if they are eligible to receive one of the 100 portable alarm devices. Hills Shire Council is a registered provider under the Federal Government’s My Age Care, which is the starting point to access Australian Government-funded aged care services. For further information and details on My Aged Care, visit: www.myagedcare.gov.au.


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