Faith And Climate Change

Members of Northmead Uniting Church “sounded the alarm” for climate change outside the office of Federal Liberal MP for Mitchell Alex Hawke on Thursday (March 11) and sang words from Bob Dylan’s famous song The Times they are changin.

The event was part of a global multi-faith Day of Action involving over 100 faith communities across Australia calling for more ambitious action on climate change organised by Green Faith International and the Australian Religious Response to Climate Change (ARRCC).

Members of the Northmead group presented a letter to Mr Hawke saying: “Our action today was to alert you to the seriousness of climate change and the need for bolder action.

“We did so as members of the Northmead Uniting Church who feel that our government leaders are not doing or planning enough in regard to rising temperatures caused by human activity.“The negative effects of rising temperatures are obvious: more severe bush fires, stronger and more frequent cyclones, rising ocean levels impacting our Pacific Island neighbours in particular.”

Spokesperson for the group Rev Dr Chris Walker said: “Our political leaders have done well in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. We need similar decisive action in relation to climate change”

Northmead Uniting Church member Anna Breust expressed her concern for future generations and near neighbours.

“I worry about the kind of world our grandchildren will face when they’re adults, with more intense bushfires, longer and deeper droughts and fiercer storms,” she said.

Church member Jon O’Brien added: “It’s misleading to say Australia can’t do anything as we are only a small player. We’re the largest exporter of coal and gas and, per person, we have one of the highest carbon footprints.”

ARRCC is calling for higher emissions reduction targets to be submitted under the Paris Accord, in line with a net zero target by 2030.

The organisation wants post-COVID recovery spending to be centred on low carbon jobs rather than fossil fuels such as gas, and for finance to be provided to the Green Climate Fund for developing countries.


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