Australia’s favourite maths teacher, Eddie Woo is Hills Shire Council’s 2020 Australia Day Ambassador.

The “WooTube’ sensation with over 700,000 subscribers world- wide will be giving his Australia Day address at Bella Vista Farm at 5.30pm before presenting the Hills Australia Day Awards.

The father-of-three who lives in the Hills was named nation’s Australia Day Local Hero in 2018 in Canberra at Australian of the Year Awards.

Mr Woo said he was delighted to be the 2020 Australia Day Ambassador.

“My parents uprooted their entire lives and moved to Australia in the ‘70s so that my siblings and I could be born into this wonderful country – yet I know that, having lived here my entire life, I often take this ‘land abounding in nature’s gifts’ for granted,” he said.

“I don’t want to forget how much there is to be thankful for – Australia Day is a reminder to stop and pay attention to the daily ‘gift’ of being able to call this country my home,” he added.

The Cherrybrook Technology High School teacher’s ‘WooTube’ channel on formulas and solutions within the subject of mathematics started as posting for a single student who was sick with cancer and missing school.

It has now evolved into the goal of destigmatising maths and making the universally dreaded subject fun.

As well as his online tutorial channel and his teaching, Mr Woo is also the Leader of Mathematics Growth for the NSW Department of Education, the Education Ambassador for the University of Sydney and author of two books, including Woo’s Wonderful World of Maths.

Mr Woo was also a TED Talk speaker in 2018.

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