Finding the best options for his young daughters’ ponies resulted in Matthew Koomen researching the PVC fencing market and finding a winning solution.

He established the Dural-based Estate Supplies Australia Pty Limited so that other property and horse owners would benefit from his research.

“I was looking for fencing options for a couple of ponies as both my daughters (aged 7 and 9) have a great love of riding,” he said.

“We researched the value of timber options from established suppliers but found that the timber was either very expensive or that the timber was of a poor quality. “Then there was also the need for painting and maintenance repainting as well as the potential for termites which is an ever present problem in our bush environment.

“The durability of PVC was an attraction but we found there were differences in quality and sizes of rails and posts. We found there was a significant difference in the supply cost of local PVC fencing so we investigated becoming a supplier to the market and provide better value to the end user. PVC is economical and represents great value compared to timber products.”

“Our rails are 152mm x 50mm and weigh 3.6kg each for a 2400mm length with a 2.5mm thickness, our posts are 127mm and weigh 5.1 kilos for a length of 2000mm. The light weight of PVC relative to timber makes for easier installation, even the kids can help and not have hands full of splinters. There is no painting involved, No fading and No rot.”

“Our PVC equestrian products include show jumps, poles, and dressage equipment. The equipment is lightweight, easy to transport and set up and then dismantle for storage. We also offer float modifications and custom racking for transport.”

Estate Supplies Australia can service the needs of fencing contractors and private buyers alike providing an easy to deal with local source for Fencing and equestrian products.

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