Convict Footprints Wows Audiences With Entertaining History Lesson

It was the launch point for one of the bloodiest battles in Australian history, but now Castle Hill Heritage Park is a peaceful space in the heart of residential Castle Hill.

However, the Park’s important place in our national history was remembered in June with a series of stunning performances of the Convict Footprints Rebellion.

Hills Shire Mayor Dr Michelle Byrne said the theatre group continue to provide residents and visitors with an entertaining insight into our local history.

“Many Hills residents are unaware of the important role our Shire played in the early days of colonial settlement,” Mayor Byrne said.

“Castle Hill Heritage Park was the place where the Vinegar Hill Rebellion began, with the burning of a hut signalling to convicts around The Hills and Hawkesbury regions that the rebellion had commenced.”

“The bloody rebellion ended at Rouse Hill the following day.”

“The Convict Footprints theatre group give us a unique look into the events that helped shape the Shire and NSW in its early days.”

Mayor Byrne said the Convict Footprints theatre group conduct similar experiences in many of our heritage areas, such as the Great North Road and our own Bella Vista Farm.

“Our history helps us shape our future and I love the way Convict Footprints brings it to life for all age groups to understand. Understanding our past makes our community more connected.”