Convict Footprints transports audiences back in time

Journey back in time through the history of Bella Vista Farm as told by the cast from Convict Footprints when they return for Act 2 of their summer season, Through the Years, on 5 February.

Through the Years explores the lives of the convicts and inhabitants that lived and worked at Bella Vista Farm from 1830-1940. The performance is both poignant and comedic and gives audiences a chance to learn about Bella Vista Farm’s history in a fun and interactive way.

Director Jerry Retford said the play offers an honest, touching, and at times, funny look into the intriguing history of the Farm.

“Convict Footprints is all about making people laugh, then reaching in and squeezing their hearts with the truth and making them cry, then wiping away their tears with more laughter,” Jerry said.

Through the Years is an immersive performance that accommodates intimate groups of 20 per show who will join the cast on a roving performance through the historic grounds and homestead.

Audiences will laugh, cry, learn and even dance with the cast and crew of Convict Footprints as they wind back the clock and transport them back in time.

Don’t miss the story of Bella Vista Farm told through a live experience. Tickets are $35 and are available online or at the gate.

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