Chelsea Warner Debut Single Is Sure To Strike A Chord

She has a beautiful voice but also plays piano, guitar and bass plus writes and produces. Chelsea Warner debut single, written in a COVID-19 world, will strike a chord with many, you only have to read the title to know the frustration and pain of How Come You Don’t Pick Up Your Phone.

Chelsea Warner says the early busking experience took courage but also gave her courage.

“It’s a good way to thicken your skin. You meet some amazing people busking and people are very generous. “I used to busk at Rouse Hill Town Centre and Castle Hill and people were really receptive.”

“I started writing around that time, and learned to produce when I was about 15. I can’t remember ever not taking music seriously and knowing it was what I wanted to do, so I feel like it’s always been a part of me.”

Her influences are pretty diverse. “I grew up listening to a lot of Ariana Grande – she was a huge part of my adolescence, and her sound has really grown up with me.

“Her vocal arranging really influenced how I work my vocals now, as well as really inspired me through her virtuosity.“

A graduate from Kellyville High, Chelsea is studying contemporary music at the Sydney Conservatorium. “I love it, I love learning,” she said.

“I always had an interest in Jazz harmony, loving Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald throughout high school, and so when I started writing, I incorporated chords I found interesting with catchy pop ideas.”

Her new song, How Come You Don’t Pick Up Your Phone, was something she wrote from an experience almost a year ago.

“I just kept staring at my phone waiting for a call and I realised I was quite reliant on other people and was being disappointed a lot. I thought it was quite pathetic.

“I hope people can relate to it as a shared experience and hopefully find the experience a little less soul crushing.”

The song is available on multiple streaming platforms as well as Chelsea’s own Facebook.

She says COVID-19 restrictions have forced her to slowndown her hectic pace of performing to concentrate on her song writing and she is working on a new EP.

“This time has been a creative explosion for me. I am creating more and purposefully and authentically.”

The link to Chelsea’s debut song is here: pickupyourphone

You can find her Facebook and Instagram by searching for Chelsea Warner Music. Her music is also on Triple J Unearthed.

How come you don’t pick up your phone
Cos I know you be on it all day long
I know you were online not long ago
I’m going out my mind, you brush me off
Baby I’ve had enough
It’s 6 O’clock
On the dot
Still no reply

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