Hills Grammar students are again participating in the SEAT Project.

Their long-standing commitment to the SEAT Project has seen thousands of dollars raised to the charities of the students’ choice.

SEAT is a social initiative that educates young students in social values, sustainability and how to raise funds for real foundations.

Hills Grammar began their partnership with SEAT 4 years ago. The kits are purchased from Vietnam, supporting the community and using their abundance of bamboo. The students then collaborate in small groups to construct their seats, ensuring that part is attached with great care. The students then drew inspiration from Sally Morgan as they decorated their seats with paint. Once completed, the students were then interviewed about their choices in the creation process, as well as their chosen charity, before putting them up for a silent, online auction. Their proceeds then go to a chosen charity. Over the years, the students have supported the Solomon Islands, Shelter Box, Orange Sky Laundry and this year, Monika’s Doggie Rescue.