Car show with characters

New and old cars will be on display at a local car show but it is more than just looking at a static display of vehicles. The show aims to bring out the history and the character of the cars and the people who own them.

The car show will be held on Saturday 25 March from 12:00 to 4:00pm in the car park of St Pauls Castle Hill, 421 Old Northern Road Castle Hill (just east of the ARV Retirement Village entrance). Brochure attached.

The emcee will be motoring and transport broadcaster and journalist David Brown who will interview the owners and present information and stories about the history of the vehicles and their impact on our life styles. Not so much about camshafts and ball joints but more about the life and times of the vehicles.

There will be several motoring journalists and broadcasters at the show to offer a range of opinions and to answer any questions visitors might have.

New cars on display will include the cheap and cheerful such as the all new Suzuki Ingis compact SUV and the high performance Range Rover Sport.

Old cars on display will include a Valiant Charger and a 1970 Monaro rebuilt for racing. The Charger and the Monaro came from a time when you could choose much more adventurous car colours (who can forget “Plumb Dinger Purple”). There is some indication that bright colours are making a comeback.

If you have a car and have something to say we have a few spots left to fit in an interesting vehicle (and owner).

There will also be on display will be a number of electric scooters and bikes including a Peugeot electric bike which could represent the transport revolution of the future.

David Brown, who also produces satirical material on his radio program and in written pieces, wonders if the electric bike might have a specific significance for Australia. The new Commodore is a vehicle made by Opel which has just been sold to Peugeot so perhaps with the new ownership and a move to more environmentally friendly transport, the Commodore of the future might well be the Peugeot electric bike.

This is the third time the show has been held. Food and drinks at discount prices will be available and no there is entry fee.

Brian Pollard: 0404 808 281
David Brown: 0402 143 920