Buying a Fire Pump Check the Facts

We’re lucky to live in a beautiful place like the Hills District. We love our trees and bushland and realise the dangers of impending fires.

Many home and property owners will buy a fire pump this season. The pump they buy will be the centre of their fire protection program, with everything depending on the quality, performance and ease of operation of that product.

One local company, Aussie Pumps, have done a careful analysis of major competitor pumps on the market. Their comparison against Davey pumps particularly, clearly shows major differences in performance, features, warranty and price. A copy of their handy comparison sheets are freely available on the website or in hard copy by contacting local distributors.

“Don’t be fooled by bright coloured paint jobs. It’s the performance of the pump that counts and the quality of its components”, said Aussie Pumps Brad Farrugia.

For more info, call Aussie Pumps 02 8865 3500 or visit

Fire Pump

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