Bromeliad Society Meeting

At the next meeting of the Bromeliad Society of Australia being held on Saturday, 18 November at the Federation Pavilion, Castle Hill Showground, Castle Hill the guest speaker will be Paul Dipuglia, Neutrog – Biological Fertilisers. Sale of plants from 11am with the meeting commencing at 12noon and everyone is welcome.

Paul will provide an overview and background of the Neutrog Company their credibility, manufacturing and products.

He will explain the benefits of fertilising all year round, what to use and how best to apply them to get the best out of your garden whilst improving your soil in the process.

Neutrog products include their Signature range – Bush Tucker, Gyganic for Fruit and Citrus, Kahoona, Sudden Impact for Roses, Strike Back for Orchids, Sudden Impact for Lawns and Upsurge.

Organic range – Seamungus, Rapid Raiser, Bounce Back, Blade Runner, Rooster Booster and Rocket Fuel.

Like humans and animals, plant regular feeding throughout the year, at least once in each season. Happy, healthy, well nourished plants are more resistance to pests, disease, stress and frost.

BSA meetings include plant sales, club news, raffles and competitions as well as providing an opportunity to meet with likeminded people in a friendly and inviting environment. Contact Ian Hook – mobile 0408202269, email: [email protected] Website: www.