Hawkesbury’s Helping Hands

You are so excited to now be able to attend your formal because you have an outfit, but on your special night you find you have no shampoo/conditioner to wash your hair, toothpaste or deodorant, a razor to shave your legs and under your arms or shaving cream and razor for your stubble and got forbid its that time of the month and you have no feminine hygiene products.

Each and every student that we outfit will receive a specially put together toiletry pack ( depending on gender and age ). We will also have some make-up, perfume and cologne available to give you !!

Let’s Help – Update

It was another busy week at Hawkesbury Helping Hands, with great food and a wonderful team. Thank you to everyone who donated, cooked, served and helped. Special thanks to Lyn, Michelle, Vanessa and Sandy for cooking and service as well as D’cafe for the pasta, Windsor Donut King, Sciberras Fresh Fruit & Vegetables, and SecondBite.

As you know we have many who walk to our meal services and I reported the other week on our facebook page, a group of kids who meet and walk together (over a 7km roundtrip) to come have a meal.

Amazing, wonderful and polite children, the eldest ones also frequent our Breakfast Club and get school lunches.

They walk directly past my home each week, it’s the shortest and quickest route from their meeting place to service. Usually at this time I am getting the van ready so they always wave, ask do I need a hand, and ask what’s for dinner. Sometimes if it’s too hot or too cold or raining, they ask can I take the youngest one with me. It varies depending on who the youngest is with them.

Today on the way they dropped in, as the second youngest in the group shoes were hurting their feet and they were now walking in socks. They had taken them off and had put them in their backpack to carry and take back home to be handed down to their younger brother, as they were now too small for them. On the way to service with them on board we presented them with a new pair of shoes and some socks from storage. And after service a promised ride home.

At service I was thinking how fortunate we were that the rain held off and that we weren’t caught in it, some weren’t so lucky. The kids were all caught in it walking home, I came across them, thankfully they were close to my home, had them stay there to keep dry and warm, whilst i did trips to shuffle everyone home.

Think I am going to hug my daughter a little tighter tonight and just be thankful. Very, very thankful x

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