Boundary Road Upgrade Completed

Council has made good on its promise to not wait for Hawkesbury City Council to stump up the cash before repatching and resheeting a large section of Boundary Road.

Hills Shire Mayor Dr Michelle Byrne said that Council was only too happy to spend $1.4 million to the upgrade the road, which is split by the boundary between the neighbouring councils.

“Residents and motorists don’t care about boundary anomalies like this, nor do they want to hear excuses. They just want the road fixed,” Mayor Byrne said.

“Our staff have attempted to gauge Hawkesbury’s interest in fixing their half of the road on many occasions to no avail.”

“We could not wait for development to occur and for contributions to come in. The road needed maintenance urgently.”

“And we couldn’t have a situation where we only fixed our side of the road while the other was in poor condition.”

“Strictly speaking these roadworks shouldn’t have been funded entirely by The Hills, but the net result is that our motorists and Hawkesbury motorists will get a safer, smoother ride along Boundary Road.”

Mayor Byrne said that a potential merger with Hawkesbury City Council was currently being considered by the NSW Government.

“What we’ve seen on Boundary Road is a sign of things to come for Hawkesbury residents should the NSW Government decide they should merge with Hills.”

“Hawkesbury’s roads are generally in poor condition and a new administration would make fixing them a top priority.”