Blocked Ears and Sinus

Your sinuses and your ears are connected inside your head and for some people, sinus issues may lead to their ears feeling blocked.

Sinus congestion can affect the pressure in your middle ear and cause a block or feeling a full sensation. This sensation can occur when the eustachian tube is not functioning well or it becomes obstructed. This tube equalises the pressure in your middle ear, behind the eardrum.

Our ears can feel blocked for several reasons such as an ear wax excess, fluid buildup behind the eardrum, something stuck in the ear such as a cotton-bud or tip of an earphone or a sudden hearing loss. Unfortunately, when people experience blocked hearings, they often have a “wait and see” approach to see if the ears unblock themselves.

It is very important that the cause of the blocked or full sensation is investigated immediately and not left to “fix itself”. Hearing care providers can complete several tests on your ears to identify what is causing your symptoms.

Blocked eustachian tubes can be caused by allergies, sinus infections or swelling from a recent cold or flu. These things can cause fluid to collect in the middle ear. The pressure and fluid can cause pain in the ear or head. This sensation of blocked ears can also be very common in children. This is because their eustachian tubes are shorter, narrower, and more horizontal compared to adults. When the eustachian tube is more horizontal, it is easier for fluid to build up and become blocked.

With the potential to fly again in NSW, it is very important that blocked ears are managed before getting on an aeroplane. When you are on a plane, the pressure is constantly changing in the cabin. Flying with blocked ears can be very uncomfortable or painful. When there is continual or increased pressure on the eardrum, it can burst and potentially cause a permanent hearing loss.

At Ear Studio, we can complete several tests to identify what is causing the blocked sensation in your ear. If eustachian tube dysfunction is the cause for the blocked feeling you are experiencing, a nasal decongestant or nasal spray is often recommended. At Ear Studio, we can test your hearing, remove ear wax build-up, or refer you to the right specialists to get you on the path to clearing the blocked feeling from your ear!

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