Accurate heritage is important to recognise and record. With this in mind, three dedicated volunteers at Bella Vista Farm decided the history had to be captured.

Over a two year period, Mark Pearce, Carolyn Gould and Sharon Rawstron have written a chronology – Bella Vista Farm Its past and its people.

The three were perfect co-authors. Mark’s family built the farmhouse commencing in 1840. His forebears lived there until 1950.

Carolyn has many historical associations in her family. Her ancestors sailed to Sydney Cove in the “Surprize” in 1794, as did Mark’s free-settler Pearce ancestors.

Sharon, in an earlier life, was a librarian and teacher and has a great interest in local history. The book commences with the Indigenous custodianship of the land and the impact of European settlement. From there it covers the period from 1788 until current day.

There have been many enquiries from interested parties to buy the book. It can be purchased at Bella Vista Farm (once it is re-opened on the first Sunday of every month) or by writing to [email protected] Cost is $20 each plus postage and handling.

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