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Author Hugh Mackay boosts stock for Lifeline’s Castle Hill book fair

Author Hugh Mackay boosts stock for Lifeline’s Castle Hill book fair

Esteemed social researcher and author, Hugh Mackay, this week delivered more than 150 books – culled from his personal collection – to Lifeline’s West Lindfield book depot; all of them bound for the charity’s inaugural Castle Hill book fair at Oakhill College.

Hugh says he only recently became aware of Lifeline’s voracious “appetite for books” which feeds its many books fairs, renowned for their scope and quality. He is currently doing an enforced cull from his well-stacked bookshelves as he prepares to relocate from Sydney’s north shore to Canberra.

His generous donation comes just in time for the Castel Hill book fair which opens at Oakhill College at 8 am on Saturday, 8 October, and runs until 5 pm on Sunday, 9 October.

The titles in the six boxes of book he delivered to Lifeline volunteers at the West Lindfield book depot are mostly non-fiction, with some novels, all of them in fine condition. They will be added to the more than 40,000 items on sale.

Hugh Mackay, himself the author of eleven non-fiction books on social analysis and ethics and six novels, is a great believer in the lasting value of the printed word in its tactile form, rather than its digital alternative – the ebook.

“There have been many predictions of the death of the book but all have proved false,”

Mackay said. “The form of a printed book – its look, its feel, its smell – contributes a great deal to the pleasure of reading.”

His favourite books are like friends, he says.

“The digital alternative is very unsatisfactory – in both cases!”

Hugh Mackay’s eighteenth book – a satirical novel – will be published in May next year.

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