Australia’s champion small chorus, circular keys – sharing the well-being factor of singing

Do you love to sing? Do you love to perform? Have you watched the Pitch Perfect movies and thought “I would love to sing like that?”

Are you the first one to put your hand up for a karaoke night out? Do you miss singing in your school choir or local musical society?

The positive health and psychological effects of singing are well documented. The ladies at Circular Keys Chorus think there’s more to it. They think their innate ‘connectedness’ that comes from being a member, contributes to their well-being and they are inviting women to come to their vocal workshop, starting in August, to find out.

The chorus sings in four parts, so if you sing high, if you sing low, or if you sing in between, there’s a place just for you.

During the six-week vocal workshop, you will learn the basics of singing a cappella harmony. You do not need to read music and will be guided through the fundamentals by the chorus’s Director, and sought-after musical educator, Vicki Dwyer.

Linda Vitali-Alchin, mother of three, has been a member of Circular Keys Chorus for two years. Weekly rehearsals give her a place where “I can just be me”, Ms Vitali-Alchin said. “When I walk through the door I don’t have to worry about anyone else, I am not someone’s mother, or someone’s employee. It is one night a week, where I get the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits that you get from singing, which refuels me for the busy week to come.”

For Rina Pinto, breast cancer survivor, “when I sing I just forget everything else that’s happening. You’re forced to just get into it. You leave everything behind, and you sing.” Ms Pinto said “After 15 minutes of rehearsal, the endorphins are released, and you’re on a complete high. “

Part of the leading musical organisation for women, Sweet Adelines International (SAI), the chorus is currently Australia’s champion small chorus. In 2018, members are looking forward to travelling to St. Louis to represent Australia, for the third time, at the SAI international competition.

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• Circular Keys Chorus, Australia’s Champion Small Chorus
• Vocal Workshop – Learn To Sing A Cappella
• Six-week course, Wednesday evenings from 9th August to 13th August, St Joseph’s Conference Centre, Baulkham HIlls
• $50 for the workshop, includes course materials
• To register and more information –

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