Aust. fastest blind man on two wheels at Castle Hill Car Show

Ben Felten, the fastest blind man in Australia on two wheels, will be appearing at the St Pauls Car Show this Saturday 29 April from 12:00 to 4:00.

Just two months ago he achieved a speed of 251.46 km/hr on the salt flats of Lake Gairdner in South Australia to shatter the Australian record for a blind man on a motor bike.  This was agonisingly close to the world record of 265.33 km/hr for a person who cannot use their sight (you can ride with a blind fold if you choose).  Ben was guided by motorcycling legend Kevin MaGee who followed him on a second Yamaha production bike.

This was Ben’s first ride on salt flats and they plan another effort to break the world record later in the year.

Ben, who went blind 12 years ago, will attend the St Paul’s car show and talk about his experiences as well as bringing along one of his motorcycles and a range of photos and other material showing his adventure.

The car show will be held on Saturday 29 April from 12:00 to 4:00pm in the car park of St Pauls Castle Hill, 421 Old Northern Road, Castle Hill (just east of the ARV Retirement Village entrance).  Entry is free and food and drinks at discount prices will be available.

New and old cars will be on display but it is more than just looking at a static exhibition of vehicles.  The show aims to bring out the history and the character of the cars and the people who own them.  Motoring broadcaster and journalist David Brown will interview the owners and present information and stories about the history of the vehicles and their impact on our life styles.

Electric scooters and bikes including a Peugeot electric bike, which could represent the transport revolution of the future, will also be on display.

A day not just for rev-heads but for everyone, young or old, who has memories or has an imagination of driving cars and what it can do for their enjoyment and their everyday activities.  Also for those who are encouraged by an inspirational story of adventure.

Brian Pollard: 0404 808 281
David Brown: 0402 143 920