Australian Pump’s recruitment ad called “Wanted … 6 Good Men” has really worked in a very positive way. The company, Australia’s fastest growing and most progressive pump manufacturer and distributor, is set for major expansion this year.

“That expansion depends entirely on the calibre of the team we build. Their successful integration will produce the best results for our customers not only here in Australia but around the world” said Marketing Services Manager, Helen Mahoney.

The company is looking for a wide range of additional staff. That has now been expanded to include engineering, sales internships, product managers and top quality secretarial support staff!

The company has been swamped with applications and has now filled a number of the jobs previously advertised. In spite of that, the programme is continuing as Aussie Pumps believes that it can offer real opportunities to people who have a combination of courage, intelligence and, most importantly, ethics.

“We have had some cranky emails from people who did not read the ad properly. We even got accused of “sexism” because of the title of the ad. Of course there is no gender bias in this organisation. We encourage people from all walks of life, religious sects, ethnicity and age groups to apply. It is those special people, who want a career that gives them the opportunity to get things done, that we want!” said Mahoney.

Australian Pump provides full training and particularly wants to foster young people seeking cadetships for an ongoing career. They will get an unlimited opportunity to grow their own skills, with the full knowledge that what they do is totally positive.

The company’s programme to influence the drought-proofing of Australia to build the economy is well known and copies of the document pack on “Drought- Proofing Australia” is available free of charge from Australian Pump.

Further information on Australian Pump Industries is available from the website, check out the latest employment opportunities on