ANZAC Spirit Will Live Forever

As a secondary school Anzac Ambassador for 2021, it is an honour and privilege to reassure the community and past veterans, that the legacy of the Anzacs will remain eternal.

I am a Year 11 student attending Marian Catholic College at Kenthurst. I was chosen to represent the youth of the Hills, alongside Bethany Wade from Castle Hill High, Olivia Silcock from William Clarke College and Oscar Henderson from Northholm Grammar School.

We understand the significant responsibility we have as ANZAC Ambassadors and are aware we must strive to uphold the ANZAC spirit and acknowledge the sacrifices made by previous generations, in our grateful community.

Anzac Day Youth Ambassadors Anzac Spirit Will Live Forever
Anzac day ambassadors, from left: oscar henderson, olivia siloch, ellarose halakas and bethany wade.

This opportunity was provided to one student from every school in the Hills’ district. However, only four were chosen to represent the community as ANZAC Ambassadors.

“I really wanted the role of ANZAC Ambassador for the Hills District, as I have a love for Australia’s involvement in wars throughout the years and I want to ensure the efforts of the past veterans are never forgotten,” Olivia said.

Following the selection process of our school, we were informed of the preparation which was necessary for the interview and key battles of the Vietnam War which we would be assessed on.

We were interviewed by a panel, including Mayor Dr. Michelle Byrne, Vice-President of the Castle Hill RSL sub-Branch Jim Wilson, School’s Coordinator for the Castle Hill sub-Branch Bryan Mullan and 2019 Anzac Ambassador Elizabeth Rodd.

The selection committee consisted of a friendly group of people and we are extremely grateful for their commitment throughout the entire process.

Our role as ambassadors will focus on the Vietnam veterans and the acknowledgment of all ANZAC soldiers. We are looking forward to receiving training in public speaking by radio broadcaster Gareth McCray.

Bethany has a very meaningful connection with the role of Anzac Ambassador, as her grandfather has served throughout the Vietnam War. “My pa was a veteran, and I have been acutely aware my whole life of how his service in Vietnam has affected him,” Bethany said. “It makes me so proud to have a grandfather who has fought for Australia, and who is so open about sharing his story.’

“It is extremely important that younger generations continue to honour and revere the sacrifices made, by service men and women,” Oscar said. “I believe that attending ANZAC and Remembrance Day commemorations are a great way in honouring all veterans, who sacrificed their lives for our country.”

As ANZAC Ambassadors, we will participate in the Dawn Service on Sunday, April 25, in addition to Remembrance Day ceremonies on Sunday, November 7, and Thursday, November 11.

We are thankful to have the opportunity to speak on behalf of the youth in the Hills district, and reassure past and present veterans that they will always be remembered


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