Anewu Health Spa Set To Open

Clinical Psychologist Greg Sawyer has worked in the Hills for a decade assisting clients with psychological and physical problems. He has then spent the last four years closely examining a number of complementary treatment options available to help people with chronic pain, recovery, rejuvenation and general well-being. The result is the ANEWU Health Spa which will open its doors in Galston on December 18.

The “next generation” luxury health spa will offer a range of cutting edge technologies and services to meet the needs of a community that is stressed, wants solutions, and is looking for a better balance in their body.

“I see a lot of people who are dealing with chronic pain and I designed the health spa to provide a range of treatments that are safe, non-invasive and brief,” said Mr Sawyer. “The aim is to provide affordable and effective treatments to aid faster recovery and general wellness.

“One of the groups I want to connect with is that group of over 55s (the Baby boomers) who struggle in silence, are often overlooked and who don’t have access to treatments or don’t know where to go for treatments that can help with recovery and rejuvenation. ANEWU Health Spa is a place where fitness, health and beauty converge; and people can rediscover strength, vitality and confidence in themselves.”

A spa designed to be comfortable for both men and women; and for the very young, the young and the young at heart.

He said the treatments will appeal to mums, office workers, tradies and physical labourers, recreational sports people who are injured, athletes who are training, those struggling with pain and inflammatory illness, and people post-surgery. Treatments will include beauty, skincare and facials; but also a range of body sculpting treatments such as fat freezing as well as treatments to improve balance, strength and incontinence.

There are very special opening deals on offer and promotional prices.

Vouchers are available as Christmas presents and you can book a 3D Body scan. ANEWU Health Spa is new and it is offering the latest in luxury spas. You can meet the team at ANEWU Health Spa at 5/346 Galston Road,Galston when it opens on December 18 or visit online at or call 1300 026 398 to book an appointment


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