Advertising Clean Up Planned For End of April

The Hills is widely known for neat neighbourhoods with pleasant parks and open spaces. However, a recent influx of advertising cropping up on street corners, footpaths, road signs, parks and reserves has left Council’s General Manager Dave Walker with no choice but to call for the removal of banners from Council and community land.

Owners have a short time to take down their banners before unauthorised advertising in public spaces is removed at the end of April.

Some sites, such as Centenary of ANZAC Reserve, are in the process of being cleaned up already due to ANZAC Day services over the next two weekends.

Mr Walker said the illegal advertising is damaging the visual appeal of the Hills.

“We want to keep our streets and public spaces in the excellent condition they are renowned for,” Mr Walker said.

“People are disregarding the clearly defined requirements for signage under our Council’s Development Control Plan,” he said. “Hanging signs haphazardly all over the Shire is not only unfair on those advertisers who go through the correct process of gaining approval, it is creating a mess of our public spaces.”

“We have given advertisers a grace period in which they can remove their advertising before we remove it permanently.”

“I am also concerned with bunting around some development sites, supposedly there to prevent soil erosion, but often left for excessive periods in a derelict and untidy state.”

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