A days to Remember

The 26th of January has grounded itself inside Australian history as a day of celebration for the nation. The true reasoning for the celebration of Australia Day has evolved with the change of its people and their mentality towards what defines Australian culture. On this day we celebrate the land, lifestyle, and the people of Australia with an extensive range of festivities. Within this celebration of land and people, the thought of Australia’s heroes are often neglected or overshadowed. The ANZACS embodied the definition of Australian patriotism, serving gallantly for the future of our home and our people. Shouldn’t these men and women be celebrated on a day like this? My answer was founded within my attendance at the commemorative event at Castlebrook Memorial Park at Rouse Hill.

Every year on Australia Day Castle Hill RSL Sub-Branch organises a commemorative service followed by flag planting in memory of the service veterans provided for Australia.

The service was short, however provided strong statements of commemoration for those who put their love for Australia onto the field. These words were followed by the singing of the Australian anthem.

It was with this playing of anthem for me, that the true values of what it means to be an Australian were emphasised as we remembered those who served.

This thought was further established with my witnessing of the rising of the Australian flag accompanied by the last post. The Australian flag which would be nothing more than a known representation of Australia for people my age had suddenly represented more than just the land, but those who fought for it. After the service attendees went out and placed these flags on the graves of those who served.

This commemorative event served as an important reminder of the true values of Australia Day, with the gathering of kids younger than 10 and veterans alike coming together to put the term ‘lest we forget’ into action.

Limiting our commemoration to two days can generalise our youths understanding of their selfless contribution, yet with witnessing this commemoration I further understand the importance of remembering the ANZACS on Australia Day, celebrating not only Australia, but its heroes.

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