125 Hills Residents Now Officially Australian

The Hills Shire Council has welcomed some of Australia’s newest citizens at a recent citizenship ceremony.
125 new citizens from ­­­­­­­­­­28 countries pledged their loyalty to Australia and its people on Monday 16 May at the Council Chambers. Some of the countries of origin included United Kingdom, China, Egypt, Philippines, India, South Korea and Iran.
Mayor of The Hills Shire Council, Dr Michelle Byrne, said the citizenship ceremony was an opportunity to reflect on the importance of citizenship as a unifying bond strengthening the local community.
“Australia has so much to offer and we are certainly a nation of achievers. Anyone has the opportunity to achieve just about anything, regardless of their country of origin, their culture, religion or first language spoken at home,” Mayor Byrne said.
“It’s not every day that you become an Australian Citizen and I hope that it is an occasion our new citizens never forget”
“I welcome our newest citizens to our nation and to the Hills Community and hope their future in Australia is a successful and happy one.”