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School holidays are always a challenge to find new and interesting ways to entertain the kids that don’t involve iPads and phones and involve some form of exercise.

Growing up Ten Pin Bowling, movies, ice-skating and roller skating were regular school holiday activities in our household. Although these days there are plenty more activities to choose from such as indoor play centres, trampoline centres and climbing centres, you still cannot go wrong with a classic game of bowling or ice-skating or roller skating – if you can find a rink!

These holidays I decided to introduce Maddie and Alexis to the world of bowling and share with them the stories of competing with my family and friends to be the ultimate Ten Pin Champion. In my memory bowling alleys were musty smelling places that served up endless hotdogs and rented out bowling shoes that were falling apart after being worn by so many people over the years.

However, stepping into Zone Bowling Castle Hill was like stepping into the mecca of bowling alleys – no musty smell, an incredible café with more than hot dogs on the menu and beautiful bowling shoes!

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What has also changed is the diverse range of activities and games for all the family to enjoy – regardless of age!

Zone Bowling Castle Hill has 22 bowling lanes with automatic bumpers that pop up and down depending on the age of the bowler as well as option to play glow in the dark bowling depending on the time of your visit. It is fair to say I am no longer the Champion of bowling with Maddie and Alexis both resoundingly beating me.

Following two rounds of bowling we tackled the 44 arcade games, earned tickets and chose prizes in the prize shop. We had some very energetic, very competitive and slightly dangerous games of air hockey with the puck leaving the table multiple times.

Adrenaline rushing Laser Tag is also on offer as well as an amazing café that serves up an array of dishes including nachos, pizzas, fries with various toppings, burgers, salads and so much more. For the sweet tooth, there is a sweet menu including rocky road pizza and churros. Crazy shakes on offer including our favourite the M&M Cookie Explosion which is close to impossible to finish.

Zone Bowling Castle Hill was a lot of fun and a great day out. Next time you’re looking for some adrenalin rushing, competitive activities, grab your mates and your family and head down to the bowling alley and find out who is bowling champion in your circle of friends and family.

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