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Home or The Office?

This seems a big dilemma facing our community following Covid lockdowns, floods and Bushfires.

Working from home research has found 67% of people regularly work from home compared to 42% back in pre Covid days. There are significant advantages and disadvantages on both sides of the argument so I will look a bit deeper into the question.

While working from home can offer a more balanced and efficient way to work as it avoids long commutes bad traffic and transport, it can also be a cost saver as it wipes out many travel costs.

On the other hand, it can be said that office work provides a better environment for communication and networking, learning new things from others and creates good habits e.g. getting up on time, starting work on time, and can be a part of culture building.

Many businesses are starting to encourage people back to the office at least for a couple of day per week but it appears the working from home lifestyle balance is still a stronger option.

As long as you are disciplined and have a strong home office set up it is possible to have a seamless work from home set up where everyone benefits.

Working From Home

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