Support for Survivors Moves Online

AUSTRALIA’S leading child protection organisation Bravehearts today announced the
launch of a range of online support services for survivors of child sexual assault.
From today, survivors of child sexual assault across Australia will be able to access
Bravehearts’ specialised counselling, therapeutic and support services directly from the
comfort of their own home.

“Online access to support services means Bravehearts will be able to help an increasing
number of survivors,” says Director of Operations Dr Deirdre Thompson.
“For people living in remote locations or not near a Bravehearts’ office, being able to
connect via the online environment overcomes many of the barriers to accessing
specialised child sexual assault support.”

Bravehearts’ services will be made available to clients via specialist medical conferencing
platform Dokotela.

“Dokotela is a specially designed video conferencing platform for mental health
professionals,” says Anita Mustac, Founder of Dokotela.

“The platform is easy to use and clients using the service are not required to download or
install any additional software to their computer. To access services via Dokotela, clients
simply need a computer with internet access.”

Alongside Bravehearts’ specialised therapeutic services, survivors of child sexual assault
will be able to access support services for those who may be navigating the reporting
process and/or legal system, as well as those wanting to access the National Redress
Scheme currently being established by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses
to Child Sexual Abuse.

“Bravehearts’ Case Management team supported more than 650 survivors through the
Royal Commission process,” says Dr Thompson.

“Following the conclusion of the Royal Commission, the Bravehearts team will play an
active role in supporting survivors who are entitled to redress. By providing online case
management services, Bravehearts will make this process easier and support much more

With increasing uptake of internet based services, Bravehearts CEO Wilma James says it is
a natural progression for health services to be moving online and to employ telehealth

“Providing services through telehealth offerings is an emerging evolution in the delivery of
modern healthcare. In addition to increasing accessibility, the delivery of online counselling
and support services, provides a practical solution for those living in smaller communities
who are not able to access child sexual assault support services.”

Those interested in accessing Bravehearts’ online services should contact the Bravehearts
Intake and Support Line on 1800 272 831. Further information about Bravehearts’ online
services is also available via do/counselling-and-
support/online-services/. Some services may be covered by Medicare – further information
about possible financial support is available via the Support Line.

For further information about Bravehearts, please visit

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