The NSW Government has ensured New Year’s Eve won’t be cut short, after amendments to state planning legislation were passed into law.

Following the discovery that Sunday liquor trading laws would impact New Year’s Eve parties across the state, emergency legislation was enacted to ensure the celebrations can go on.

A spokesperson for the Department of Planning and Environment said laws are now in place to ensure everyone can enjoy New Year’s Eve until 2amon January 1.

“News Year’s Eve is the night that NSW shines. The eyes of the world look to see how we welcome in the New Year,” the spokesperson said.

“Coming to welcome in the New Year in NSW is on the bucket list for people across the world. We want to make sure that people have the best time when they come here.

“When we discovered this glitch in the legislation, the Department acted immediately, to ensure the party can go on after the calendar clicks over to 2018.”

Under the existing arrangements, trading was generally limited to 10pm.

“Obliviously 10pm closures would have been disastrous for New Year’s celebrations, so the Department has amended the state policy to allow all licensed premises, including hotels, clubs, smalls bars, restaurants and night clubs, across NSW to extend their trading hours until 2am,” the spokesperson said.

“With the amendment now finalised, it means businesses and revellers can plan their New Year’s Eve with the surety that they can welcome in 2018 with a glass of champagne.”