Juliette Devlin said she is convinced that her husband Adam and their two teenage daughters, Eliza and Lilly, would have died in the night if a very determined Miley hadn’t convinced her to get up.

“She woke me up at around midnight and was acting really unusually, she was crying and pulling my arm and being a real pain. We thought she needed to go out to the loo and so Adam took her out but I could smell this really foul smell, like rotten eggs and garlic.

“Adam returned with Miley but she was still carrying on, crying, pulling the bedding off and running to the top of the stairs and back to me crying.

“It was like she was trying to tell us something. Adam said their was a strong smell downstairs and thought it could be a gas leak outside.”

Super Dog Miley With The Devlin Family Super Dog Miley
Feeling lucky: adam and juliette devlin with their hero dog miley and daughters eliza and lilly.

Juliette said when she heard that she rushed downstairs to the kitchen where she found that the wok burner on the gas cook top had been knocked on and the whole kitchen and downstairs was full of gas.

“If it wasn’t for Miley waking us up I dread to think what would have happened,” she told the Hills to Hawkesbury News.

As well as a lot of hugs, Miley also scored herself a cooked chicken breakfast.

“I went to work the next day, Friday August 9, and just felt so emotional all day,” said Juliette. “I bought Miley her favourite chicken on the way home.”

Miley has even been able to snuggle up on the lounge all day which was previously out of bounds.

“We are so proud of her and grateful,” said Juliette.

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