Band Tunes Up to Play

The Settlers Band haven’t been able to play at live gigs yet due to the COVID-19 but it hasn’t stopped them rehearsing.

Graham “Blackie” said their first live gig since the big C-Virus will be on the weekend of October 22 -14 at The Settlers Arms Inn at St. Albans.

“The Settlers Band” have been finding great spots to rehearse in readiness for the good times ahead when things start to get back to normal,” he said.

“We find a quiet table, and comply with the rules of the day. It’s easy keeping our distance, using masks and keeping band members under 5. He and band members, Roger Sherack and Greg Frolich live near Gosford so have been able to rehearse in the Lockdown.

“Our other band members Martin Frohlich and Peter Schillert are peeved off as they live in Newcastle out of our COVID zone.

Hopefully, many other bands will pick up on the idea of rehearsing safely in parks in their area. The waterfront crowd loved our music―that is, the seagulls danced, the maggies and kookas warbled and the odd lizard kept an eye on security by patrolling the boundaries.”

Over the last year, the band has played one weekend a month at St. Albans. Gigs are Friday night and Saturday and Sunday over a beautiful lunch.

“Our last three big weekend gigs at St Albans were cancelled and we and The Settlers Inn can’t wait to get back to normal,” he said.

Settlers Band

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