Galston Book Fair – Given Room to Expand

I was very pleased to provide a grant to the Rotary club of Galston recently, to help them increase their storage and shelving space for their fantastic annual book fair. The Galston Book Fair is not to be missed! It is used to raise money for many great community projects.

The $2,500 grant is one of over 120 community grants I have been able to provide for our community. Grants are also being used for things like building playgrounds; improving facilities for scout groups; providing a vehicle for an op shop; and giving sporting equipment to community clubs.

Labor’s Retiree Tax

Over the last few months, I have had many people contacting me regarding their concerns about the impact a retirement tax would have on the income families rely on.

Labor’s Retiree Tax would hurt retirees and low income earners, by abolishing tax refunds for share dividends. It would punish people who did what governments have been encouraging them to do for years—worked hard, invested and saved in order to be self-reliant beyond retirement.

The impact of Labor’s policy would be for more people to rely on the Age Pension. Most people affected are not wealthy. In fact, 84% of people who would be impacted are on taxable incomes below $37,000.

One of the myths of the retirement tax is that it would affect one generation only.

From the people I speak to, the truth is that families are often supporting one another across the generations in all sorts of ways. I know many retirees help out with their children and grandchildren’s expenses. There will also be less money going to charity as our retirees tend to be the most generous givers.

The cost of living is a serious challenge in Sydney. Taking money from people who have saved so that they have to rely on the public purse is not a solution.

I can assure everyone that our Government will not introduce these new taxes on retirees.

Please feel free to contact my office if you want to discuss this issue further. Email me at