Upcoming Permaculture Hawkesbury Kids Gardening School

Permaculture Hawkesbury is back with a gardening program for kids at the Australiana Pioneer Village starting September 2023.

The Kids Gardening School is part of the Permaculture Hawkesbury Valley Inc.’s School Holiday Program, which will give children from 5 to 12 years practical gardening and nature-themed activities.

There are four classes in total: Monday, 25th September; Friday, 29th September; Monday, 2nd October; and Friday, 6th October. The sessions start at 9:00 AM and end at 3:00 PM. According to the organisation, all classes have different lessons and activities. 

On 25th September, children will learn about seedlings and sow sunflower seeds. In addition, the discussion will pivot to “Food Miles,” about the distance food travels before reaching the plate.

The children will learn the value of soil, soil health, and composting on 29th September. They will also make the latter to take home. Afterwards, dangers and safety will be covered during the second program.

On 2nd October, vermiculture will be the focal point as the children will learn how to make and maintain a worm farm, and the importance of seed saving will follow.

Lastly, on 6th October, they will discuss pollinators and their role in the garden, pollination’s benefits, and determine harmful insects.

Activities such as feeding and watering chickens, ducks, and goats, collecting eggs, nature walks, nature-themed art, garden chores and maintenance will occur every week. There will also be time for free play. Each program will have take-home gardening objects such as feeders, compost, and worm farms.

Children are advised to bring enclosed shoes (gumboots are preferred), water bottle, gardening gloves (optional), lunch, and morning and afternoon tea, according to Permaculture Hawkesbury. 

The classes cost $70 per day, bringing the total to $280 for the entire term. Permaculture Hawkesbury can be contacted via email at [email protected] for enquiries or direct booking.

In addition, payment can be made via Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) to the organisation’s account:

BSB: 633 000

Account: 167140045

Leaving the child’s full name and chosen program date is advisable.

For online purchasing of tickets via Eventbrite, tickets cost $75.43 per day (including the $5.43 nonrefundable fee). The total cost for all four classes will be $301.72.

The venue will remain the same at Australiana Pioneer Village, located at 10 Rose St, in Wilberforce, NSW 2756.

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