Jersey Day is on Friday, August 30 and students from Marian Catholic College at Kenthurst are urging other schools and businesses to talk about organ donation.

The school has supported Jersey Day since the day was created by the Gremmo family in 2015 following an traffic accident which claimed the life of 13-year-old Nathan Gremmo.

Nathan had spoken to his dad about organ donation some months before the accident. His organs saved five people and a baby.

When 13-year-old Marian Catholic College student Blake Tickell died after a freak waterski accident in 2017 his family also agreed to organ donation, saving several lives.

Marian College Captain Michael Dell’Aquila said the school was holding several events during the week leading up to Jersey Day. Blake Tickell’s cohort, now in Year 10, will be at the forefront of events to honour the talented student.

“A number of students in my year group knew Nathan Gremmo, and our entire school was greatly saddened by his passing.,” said Michael. “In addition to this, the tragic passing of Blake Tickell, brought this issue even closer to home, as he too saved lives by his parents decision to donate his organs.“

Jersey Day is not about fundraising but a day to encourage people of all ages to put on their favourite football jersey and talk about organ donation with their family and friends.

Around 1,400 Australians are currently wait listed for a transplant. The wait on a transplant list can be between 6 months to four years. A further 11,000 Australians are on dialysis, many of whom would benefit from a kidney transplant.

To find out more about organ donation or to register as an organ donor visit To find out more about how to get involved in Jersey Day visit

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